It’s Hard Being Black and Beautiful


Ladies, let me tell you what just happened in the ladies room!  So, you- know- who was telling her girl how Clark turned her down when she asked him out. I don’t even know why she stepped up to him in the first place as ugly as she is but anyways, when I came out of the stall, they were a little surprise to see me. I asked them what happened. You know, I just wanted to be informed.

So, she started telling me what happened and her girl, jumped in and added her two sense. And Ang said- Girl, I don’t even know what you are talking about, YOU was not even there!

And, Diane said Yeah, I was. So Ang asked her what did you see?

And Diane was like I saw you get played by him. Just as bold as you were to ask him he was bold enough to turn you down. And it was funny. Espcailly since Diane started being sarcastic.

No listen, It was real funny because Ang thought this guy was into her all year!

Then, Diane was like, I am glad he turned her down. Maybe he’ll ask me now.

And I was there trying to keep a straight face. How you gonna do that to your girl? Now, can you imagine Clark asking Diane out?

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