The Pretty Boy

So, here I am getting off the train and he’s standing on the other side of the turn thingy. You know that- what is it called again? Yeah, the turnstile thanks. So anyways, he’s standing there and makes eye contact with me. When I get up to the turnstile to go outside he stops me. And this brother is fine. Like I said, he’s one of those ‘pretty boy’ brothers who every girl likes. He gots it going for him and he knows it. Next thing I know, this brother turns to me and asks me to swipe him in cause his card is unlimited and it is not working and there is no one in the booth to fix his card. I was like, you got 2.50 or 3.00 dollars or SOMETHING to pay a sister back? He gonna say no. Well, you know you can’t get something for nothing I told him and he gonna stretch his arms out and make a face and say ‘oh, so it’s like that?’. I was like, Yep. And shrugged my shoulders and kept right on walking. Who he thought I was? An idiot? And it was obvious that he was using his looks to try to get a swipe! Oh my gosh.

Thanks Ladies!

Can we see the picture?


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