Another Day with my Darlings

I had a beautiful day at the Library. I was able to read individually with each child. They quickly got off the computers and did their homework- mainly by themselves. I had to get ‘on’ the older students about Not taking notes in class. I’ve always took notes in class when I was their age. I wonder if their teacher don’t tell them to take notes or if they are practicing how to be rebellious . I have a great idea that it is the latter reason.

For the most part, everyone did their homework and read and that is always my goal.

I am glad because I am learning to lead myself ( “Before we can lead others, we must first learn how to lead ourselves” ). When I first started, I thought I knew everything about leading and guiding but the more I work with my darlings, I realize that I knew(and know) very little. And, I am very happy that they have patience with me as I have with them.

Remember when I told you that I was accused of having favoritism? Well, it just so happens that during their spring break (yes, they still came to the library on their break and felt I should too) all the students who felt this way, got together to talk to me about it….

The complaint was: ‘Lilly, you always treat her better than us.” They didn’t start to talk about it until I let everyone go to make Easter eggs and I  wanted her to read with me which made her cry. (Everyone else had already finished their reading for the day and she didn’t! I thought she’ll or they’ll understand. ) Anyways, she cried so hard and long that it scared me. I wasn’t (well, didn’t want to be) the big bad wolf anymore. I just humbled myself down. I told her she can go make an egg but she never went. Just kept on crying. Thank God for the darlings who made a little basket and eggs for her. It wasn’t till later on next week, they told me the real issue.

So I apologized to them. My personal reason is she needs extra help in some areas, the other ones do not need help in; however, I did not tell them that! I just apologized. Now, I try my best to treat her like everyone else and she is actually doing better. I must say. Maybe helping her the way I  thought was right wasn’t helping her that muchEaster Baskets. Maybe she took it as “I must be stupid or something, why is she always helping me more?”  The students were right. I wasn’t allowing her to think for herself or miss some dots on her i’s or crosses on t’s.

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