Another New York Classic


I wish sometimes I was born in a different era. Especially when I read books about time past.

Like how cool it would have been to see Jesus? To witness Him turning water into wine?? Imagine you was there?!

It is easy to say ‘If I was there, I would have done this or did that’

What if I was born in Atlanta, Georgia during the 1930’s and was old enough by the mid 1950’s to march with Martin Luther King, Jr or to experience the birth of the Civil Rights Era.

Like If I knew all of my heroes or ‘sheroes’ personally.

Or if I was born in the Bronx during the 70’s to experience the Burning of the Bronx or the Birth of  Hip- Hop.

I am not even trying to romanticize these periods. They just are anyway.

I really wonder what I would have done or who I would I have become had I been born in a different era.

Like what If you were born in Germany at the end of World War II?  Not at the beginning or the middle.

Or in New York during the 1800th. New York doesn’t have a clean history either. But that is a different story. or maybe the same story but different chapter – to be told later.

3 thoughts on “Another New York Classic

  1. I used to wonder the same thing! Whenever someone talks about a time that I was too young for or just not born, I imagine what if I was there. Then one day I was talking with someone about the 70’s. There view of what happen was totally different that what I remembered. Mind you I was 8 in 1970 and so I was 18 in 1980. What was going on in the world then? To tell the truth I only know what was happening around me, in my circle. I remember the bus strike, heavy snow falls, the blackout because these things affected my life. But when I read about something that happened in those years I say where was I? So what I am trying to say is that I started to thank God I was born when I was born because He really knows what I could bear!! would I have cried crusify Him or let Him go? Would I have been one of the many black woman raped beaten and killed, this has happen and is happening right now.So as the bible says Whom he has chosen he foreknew….

  2. WOW Sister Lisa!! You are so right. Everyone does have their own perception of how the world is in anytime and some times may be more dramatic then others or others may just deliver the times more dramatic then others.

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