Hats or Hatsnot

Everyday my darlings think it is their duty to comment on my dressing. From my hats to my shoes. I must dress to impress.

Today one of them found a fake flower on the floor and insisted on putting it in my hat.

I asked the librarian how did it look?  She said Cricket.

Yeah, I didn’t know why she said Cricket either.

So I asked her.

When you don’t know what to say- or don’t want to say anything mean, you say Cricket. Silence.

Anyways, you can be the judge.

What do you think? Flower or Flowernot?

My dad said if my kids could dress me like a clown, they would.Flower or Flower Not

One thought on “Hats or Hatsnot

  1. I think it’s a matter of personal opinion. As for I, I would just keep quiet and smile because honestly, I have nothing to opinionate. It’s like people; their styles, no matter how different or eccentric, is their style alone and it’s part of their uniqueness. I’ve been told I have no style, dress weird, or look good and/or sharp. It’s all what I feel or desire to express about myself. My style is mines and no1 can express it better than I.

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