Flower or Flower NotI am very grateful for my students at the library who have allowed me to teach them and be another teacher in their lives. I realize that they don’t have to go to the library after school continuously or  even listen to me when I say ‘write this’ or ‘erase that.’ They have been very patient with me. I am thankful most of all to God for allowing me to meet these wonderful children. Sometimes when you draw away from people, you get so used to being around your folks that you never open up to others; and just going to the Library constantly have taught me so much.

the world that you want to live in….needs you to create it . it needs your input. it needs to hear what you have to say

right now i am perfect. maybe not yet realized but perfect

For there is love and there is love there is the serpent and there is the dove

Quotes taken from Beah: A Black Women Speaks

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