Park with Lock

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Park with LockWhy is there a park in my neighborhood with a metal gate around it with a PAD LOCK?

No one can go into this park. And it’s put up by one and only Mike Bloomberg.

The weeds are blooming- cause its not flowers anymore

The children come out of school to meet a metal berg of a lock that they can’t melt or open.


And who constructed the park anyway? Who designed it. It is ugly. I wouldn’t want to play in it if I was a kid. But I am not. And I would not mind seeing kids from the neighborhood playing in it. What? It suppose to be some type of neighborhood attraction?

Let me ask my sister what she thinks of this park.

The one that is never open. It’s very exotic….someone put a lot of thought into it….plus it has that big thing? What is that?

So, I am not the only one who feels this way. Maybe I can call the city so that can open it. I’ll tell you how that goes.

Park with LockPark with LockPark with LockPark with LockPark with LockPark with Lock

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