Hats and Hotdogs

Hats and Hotdogs

Two little boys eat hotdogs from vender

I wonder if you can be defined by the hat you wear like you can be defined for the kind of shoes you wear.

I think you can actually.

Like girls do not wear baseball caps usually but if and when they do it is almost like if they are trying to be masculine. But there is not a hat that is worn universally for girls.

Unless – Well, girls do have caps. They are made with a soft fabric and may have different designs or bows on them. I almost forgot about them.

During the cold months there may be the popular colorful beanie that everyone may wear but guys wear beanies too.

Oh, I know, the straw wide hat. But some guys wear straw wide hats. And guys wear the fedora too.

I guess there is no type of hat that is made especially for ladies. And even though it doesn’t look right, women are starting to wear the baseball cap more often.

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