Strange Fruit

Strange Fruit

This week I had to deal with many things but the one that bothered me most is the conversation I had with one of my students. It began when we were reading Clementine By Sara Pennypacker.  I wanted to know if she understood what sense of humor meant and one thing lead to another. She claims that she hates her sister and I figure that that is what siblings go through; however, when I spoke to her in private and when she allowed me to read her journal I got a little concern. Nevertheless, I know that it is not really her sister that is the problem but a list of things. I let her talk. I tried not to interrupt.

She talks to much. I can’t stand it when she talks to much. And when you talk, you can’t erase it. I’ll tell her a secret and she will tell everyone. I told her that I didn’t like my friend one time and she told the girl and my mom found out. Why can’t she just be quite?! Just be quite! I told her that I didn’t like my mom and I told her not to tell anyone but she told my aunt. I hate her! My mom is so serious. That’s why I don’t talk to her. I am scared of her. If my dad was here he will understand me. He would be on my side. But now I am in the battle alone and if she would just be quite I would win! At my old school we didn’t have this problem. At my old school everyone liked me. Not no one likes me. It makes me hate myself. Sometime I just want to kill myself. (Note to self, this is the second student to tell me this). And she cries. She cries all the time for nothing. I would just tell her….Like once she put her mouth on my book and I just asked her why she put her mouth on my book…not it has a lot of saliva and she just started crying. And every time she cries, I get in trouble. She could never be quite. I tell her to be quite. And she doesn’t. Then my uncle comes and tell my mom what is going on…And now I am becoming like her. I talk a lot. Like now. I don’t like talking. I like to hold it in. Why can’t she hold it in. See? I am talking to much right now! Why can’t she hold it in her heart? Like me? My mom is mean. She never laughs. And she always blame me. Then I get in trouble. (Sometimes I didn’t know if she was talking about her mom or sister) I know she doesn’t like fruits that much. And every time she start to eat one she never finishes. When we go to the market, she gets excited. And see all the different colors and types of fruits and get one to eat. And I tell her don’t do it because I know she will not like it after a few bites. But she gets it anyway. And then I have to eat the rest. And I don’t like that. And she always make noise. Why can’t she just be quite. Like yesterday, she was dancing around with a towel around her like she was a princess. It’s annoying. She always find something to talk about. Why can’t she just relax and watch tv?

Nope, rules won’t work. She never listens. See? she makes noise like that…

This conversation went on for 30 minuets to a hour.  She’ll cry then stop and start crying again. Sometimes I thought for sure she was talking about herself not her sister or her mom. Everything she said they did she also did!

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