Blessed Parents

Yesterday I met three of my student’s parents for the first time. I have been tutoring, mentoring, counseling, encouraging, even feeding (once in a while) these children since I have started going to the library; yesterday was the first day I met their father. And he did not even know who I was. He also looked really, really young. Like he could have been their older brother but that is beside the point. I was very happy to finally meet someone. And they were happy too because they told me to go introduce myself. Which is something I do to most of the parents I meet.

I have to tell you, since I have been working at the library, I have met a parent of every kind but in most of them I can almost feel their power of their desire to see their children do very well. And I love that.  With that power I know I am around the right kind of people. If the children are feeling beat or discourage, I would meet a parent who will have that fire for his or her child. That energy is positive and good.

I tell you, if you are a parent and you have a child who loves the library, you are a blessed parent.

'White Noise'

Lilly and Children reading ‘White Noise’

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