Graduating in Style

This past weekend, a handful of my friends graduated from my alma mater, Fordham University. I had no idea that graduations were the events to attend for good Fashion photography . I cannot forget the images I saw on Saturday! I mean the hats, the do’s and the don’ts, the tacky wacky to the fashionistas and of course I won’t forget the men and the suits, shirts, ties, bow ties…I felt I was at a fashion show. It was amazing and just camera time. But I couldn’t stop and snap. I had to be there for my friends. Thank God one of them is a fashion diva herself and made graduating so much  ‘funner’!  I set through a ceremony which I am glad I did because the speeches were very motivational. (The president of Ireland was the speaker…the fact that it is a lady president is what made the graduation even more special). Two things that stuck with me was something that one of the student speakers said: remain teachable and set the tone for your own story.

Which is what my dear friend is doing with her style. She is setting her own dressing tone. Notice her bold color and her ability to wear it and feel good about standing out. Also, the hair pulled to one side of the head is a style not to many can pull of without looking childish but she does it well. She had on yellow shoes and yellow ear rings to match but I like this photo the best. Her confidence is something one can see. And it makes you smile and think about graduating.

Graduating in Style

Graduating in Style

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