Hats or Hatsnot

Hats or Hatsnot

I was taking pictures of things that popped out on the street when I came across this gentleman here. He was wearing all white with these mini statues of the Virgin Mary and Jesus around his neck and hat. In the center of his hat is a  mini hard Yankees Cap.

Lilly’s concept of pedagogy

The Summer is right around the corner and I have to put together a fun teaching curriculum. Something to keep the children reading and doing math all the while learning and having fun. Being free. I have been reading a few books to give me ideas and also have some of my own.

To teach measurements, we can probably make a cake together – or jello. Jello would probably be better. (Autobiography of Dorothy Height)

Highlight Magazines:

get the children to write and mail/ email poetry to try to get it published

contest to see who can remember jokes/ riddles from the magazine

puzzles (quite time)

read the Stories in the magazine


Art in All of Us concept

– learning about different cultures from student body

-maps in classroom

-contact AiA to see if they can do a program with the children

Color Pages


Piano in center

learn French/ Spanish  kiddy songs

learn to play some children music on piano – try Christian songs also


Children do a scrap book for summer/ school year

put all library/ neighborhood  pictures together

Fashion Show – “Kiddy”Highlights Faze Fashions vs Adult Fashion ( Educating Esme)

Carnival Games

Ugly Ducking Match. Find the numbers that match on the bottoms of bobbing plastic ducks in a pond (tub)

Three Billy Goats Gruff Toss. Three beanbags through holes in a painted board.

make own creative bookmarks : cardboard , felt, pretty paper, glitter…ect…

kids keep summer journals

give children a chance to practice photography with one time use cameras

games from other cultures (ask my go Alaska group if they remember how to play that ball game the kids taught us)

Pen Pals (between center and library)

Read page 140-141 from Educating Esme

dressing from different cultures

write letters for next year kids on the last day and promising letters to themselves on the first day

Learning celebration at end of every week / unit

Three different age groups 5-6,7-9, 10-12

African American History- Theme: Who are You? Big, Bad, Ugly

Latino History

Unsung Heroes

Picture Books

Creative Dance Moves- a Latino or Black  famous Dancer, Jazz music – slow/fast- morning/ afternoon

take autobiography and make story- leave details out- fact finder

First day- everyone have their own historic figure – every week choose a child for their special day…

find connection- mini fun quiz – questions out loud

art movement – Harlem Renaissance Art(Drawing)

Langston Hugues  (poet)

both who Louis Armstrong and what is music


KEEP THEME IN EVERY CLASS- or similar less complicated for each age group

artist – where did they grow up

print out maps of USA, WORLD, AFRICA, ASIA…ect

teacher – student- student – teacher moments

Alexander Dumas – Three Musketeers- Show- Black-French- Songs- Helpful Phrases – Movie – play

make them teach younger groups- Alphabet Fair- kids have own lessons

spend day reading to them….the most interesting parts…library has the book

I don’t interfere much. I shouldn’t be so anthropological about it, but I am. I just let them live out the awfulness of childhood, like  I lived it out, and try to advise them to make choices that they can live with later on.

– Esme Raji Codell  (from Educating Esme: Diary of a Teacher’s First Year)

Colorful Privacy


I love to look at beautiful drapes.  It makes an apartment more unique from the others. Often I image if a building manger told all the clients that they had to use colorful curtains how each window would stand out. How fun it would be to see and take pictures of.

Hats or Hatsnot

I saw one of  my counselors  at an Awards ceremony and just loved her hair style. It was pulled back into one bun almost. Very elegant. She said a friend of her’s is getting married and that day was the day the bridesmaids tested the hair style. I guess to see how long it would stay in.

The best part is you can rock this style with or without a hat. The challengingLisa's Hair part is it looks kind of hard to do…

Parental Problems and Popcorn

My mom woke up one summer morning during her pregnancy with my little brother.  It was beautiful outside. We couldn’t ask for more. Our home was cool. The birds were chirping and the sky was light blue. The night before we all had stayed up planning what we were going to do the next day. We already had an idea. After all we have been doing the same thing the entire summer so far playing on our block. We didn’t go to far from our house. We just hung out with the children from the neighborhood. Once in a while we would visit the library but we never went further than the library. This day we plan to take a family trip to the beach. It was my dad’s idea. He’ll always come up with these fun ideas. So we all go ready. My mom packed all a lot of light food. We all got our summer gear together. My dad wanted to go early in the morning so it would be very few people on the beach.

When we arrived there we were about the only family there. There was people on the beach but we had a lot of room to ourselves. My pops who is a photographer set his camera up and his equipment up. My mother wanted some photos of us so my dad said he will shoot us. That was his idea. My mom who is a great designer dressed us in summer colors. The photo-shoot went well. The pictures turned out amazing. By the time my dad was done with us the sun was beaming down. We had brought everything but umbrellas so my pops decided he would take us to the theater to relax. And that’s when the trouble began.

My mom didn’t want to go to the theater but my pops thought it would be a waste of money to drive all the way back home without really enjoying the town we were in. And when my mom is pregnant and is upset she start craving food. I think, just to get on my pop’s nerve because sometimes she doesn’t even eat the food. Secretly I like it when she craves because I think she craves the food she normally would tell us not to eat. Like a lot of candy and ice cream.

When we got to the theater, we didn’t even have to go inside. There was a movie showing outside. So we sat in our car and watched from there. Mom first craved hot dogs which was easy to get to from the stand near by. Then candy and soda pop. Next pretzels. My pops had no problem getting the food for her- I really mean us. Finally she asked for popcorn. And he had to walk and walk a distance. By the time he came back she wanted McDonalds and she said the popcorn tasted stale which meant that we couldn’t even eat it. The pigeons were the lucky ones.

We didn’t even get McDonalds.

Modest Dressing

On Friday, I went to an award dinner at Fordham University. I sometimes like going to events where people are forces to dressed up. When a person dresses up you get to see their true style. And my eye is always searching for something modest. There is a such thing as modest fashion. Something elegant and warm. Not over or under-dressed.

Last year when I was at my award dinner I couldn’t help to notice the lack of style among my fellow colleagues. They were dressed like they were attending a club. I got a kick out of watching the Jesuits Brothers trying their best not to turn around when the ladies walked by.

Anyways, I took a picture with one of the presenters of an award. I really liked her outfit. Modest


I think children ask the most innocent questions. I love their questions – sometime.

Lilly why do principals have to wear high heels?

I don’t know.

And skirts? Like You. Only theirs are shorter. And always black. With a black jacket.

I don’t know. Do your work.

Musical Chairs

Hats and Hotdogs

Hats and Hotdogs

Two little boys eat hotdogs from vender

I wonder if you can be defined by the hat you wear like you can be defined for the kind of shoes you wear.

I think you can actually.

Like girls do not wear baseball caps usually but if and when they do it is almost like if they are trying to be masculine. But there is not a hat that is worn universally for girls.

Unless – Well, girls do have caps. They are made with a soft fabric and may have different designs or bows on them. I almost forgot about them.

During the cold months there may be the popular colorful beanie that everyone may wear but guys wear beanies too.

Oh, I know, the straw wide hat. But some guys wear straw wide hats. And guys wear the fedora too.

I guess there is no type of hat that is made especially for ladies. And even though it doesn’t look right, women are starting to wear the baseball cap more often.