College Preperation

College Preperation

If your parents never been to college and they know very little about college how will they know to sat aside money for you to go to college? So, now you are 18 and applying for school. You’ve been accepted with a scholarship and grants but that is not all you need.  You need a co-signer.You need a loan. But you first need a family member or a close friend to be willing to sign for you. But what if you do not have any family. Your parents long time ago split, your Mom passed, your Dad is reluctant to doing anything for you, and with the economy state in America, you do not know much people who even have a job to be willing to co-sign anything for you.

So now what is your option if you want to stay in school?

The Army?

You continue to look for a co-signer?


But what if you are not good in any sports?

So, all this talk from the government about going to college to make America’s children better and make America better who is this talk for? Only people with money or with parents who went to college themselves? Why should you want to better a county that doesn’t even give soldiers who fought for this country, proper army benefits and better yet, can’t even send you to school without forcing you into debt?

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