Danny Goldfield

A Photographer

from one county


A child

from every country

on Earth

All in one City.

In New York City.

Inspired by People

And their stories.

Inspiring people

Especially in America

more so in New York

to talk to their neighbors

and to learn their stories.

Danny Goldfield was recently at the International Center of Photography and I got a chance to meet him and some of the children that he photographed for this project. I think it is important for Americans in America to meet and greet each other more often so that we will understand people’s backgrounds and their American story. The book is like a geography book with stunning  pictures of children from every perspective. A few of the countries listed in the book I have never heard of. I think every student should be assigned to look at the book. After all, it is about America. Your Community in America.

Check out his project at



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