Gustiamo & The Community

Did you know that smack in the middle of the Bronx exists the famous Gustiamo, Inc.?

It was founded by native Italians who missed the good cooking from their home country and thought why not treat New Yorkers with healthy, pure Italian food?

In the year 2000 the owners Beatrice and Martina got together and opened up Gustiamo. The business has been growing ever since. Gustiamo is special and unique because their food is ordered from small farms in Italy, many of which are family owned. Many of the farmers make it their priority to keep food that is endanger  ‘alive’ and eaten.

Gustiamo is not only making a profit  in the neighborhood but also reaching out to the community. With the help of the organization, Slow Food International, Gustiamo reaches out to the youth in the Wild Life Conservancy School. This organization teaches the students the importance of slow food (as opposed to fast food)  and the importance of cultivating food. It helps children to be aware and concerned of what is going into their bodies and what is being sold in the community.

In many New York neighborhoods, especially in the Bronx, it is not easy to eat healthy. It has to be first a willing mind but with businesses like Gustiamo located at 1715 West Farms Road it is not impossible.

Gustiamo believes that eating properly is a  birthright and shares this philosophy with Slow Food International  whose message to the world is everyone has a fundamental right to the pleasure of good food and consequently the responsibility to protect the heritage of food, tradition and culture that make this pleasure possible.

In order for everyone to eat healthy it must first be taught and the community can thank Gustiamo for looking out for their well-being.

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4 thoughts on “Gustiamo & The Community

  1. How famous is the famous Gustiamo, Inc.? because I never heard of them. This have to be located in little Italy and how is it proven to be healthy because it looks proven to be wealthy and expensive.

    • Actually, It is not located in Little Italy. It is on West Farms. And it is expensive but also good to eat. It is proven to be healthy because of the way the food is grown- it’s organic and fresh.

    • ciao Sam. i need to contradict Lilly. we are not famous AT ALL!!! we are a small importer of artisanal italian foods made by hand using the best and local ingredients. and YES, somebody says we are expensive. if you knew how hard and difficult it is to carry out an artisanal production and care about your land and people, and how wonderful these products taste, i’m sure, you too, will change your mind. if you are here in the Bronx, do stop by. we’d love to talk to you and have you taste our foods.
      gustiamo, inc.
      1715 west farms road
      the bronx
      tel 718 860 2949.

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