Growing up in the Bronx


I live right under the train station. I was born in the apartment building I live in now and the first thing I heard when I was born was the sound of the train. Not a day goes by without me hearing that sound.  Because I was born in the Bronx, under the train station while a train was passing, the sound never annoys me. As a matter of fact, the sound is apart of me. It is in my system. I could never understand why people plug their ears when a train is rolling by, you are going to hear it anyway!

My first toy was of course a…teddy bear. You thought I was going to say train? Well, It wasn’t a train! Who lets their new-born baby sleep with a hard train toy? However, when I got old enough to talk, I asked for a train. And I still have toy trains in my room now.

Hopefully, I will get to become a train conductor or maybe I can become a carpenter and carve mini trains out of wood.

My uncle used to spray paint trains ‘back in the days’ . I didn’t believe him until I saw a photography book by Martha Cooper and saw pictures of trains riding through the city with graffiti all over them. I mean, even the windows had graffiti on them. Looking at the photos made me wish I was there to experience it in real life! Can you imagine sneaking into  the rail yard with your best buddies at night just to add fancy colors and letters on a train that will ride through the infamous New York City?! Anyway, that’s another story.

I still don’t know what I want my career to be but I know it will be something concerning trains.

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