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Last week, when I was on 67th and 8th Avenue, I walked pass this small store that doesn’t have a sign. There was an employer outside handing out little packages. Usually, when something is being handed out on the street, I don’t stop to take it or even figure out what it is, but this time I stopped.

‘What is it?’


I took one thinking, I could just throw it away if  it smells bad.

I put it in my pocket, not thinking much of it.

When I got home, I used some and got hooked right away.  Actually, it smelled so good, I planned to go back to 67th Street and 8th Avenue just to walk pass the store a few more times to get more samples. I thought maybe I will circle the block and get about five samples and hope the employer doesn’t notice me.

But that didn’t happen.

When I was in the area again, I walked pass the store about two times and realize there was no one out front giving out samples. So, I decided to go in the store – that is after I found it. It is hidden on the block.

I went in planning to look around and leave. However, I was greeted by a kind sales lady named Kate Marie.

(Not only that, but Marvin Gaye was on the speakers and for some reason when a store is playing music that I like, I buy).

After I finish telling Kate Marie that last week I got a sample of their soap she asked me what kind.

Well, I don’t know the name of the soap. I just know that it smelled really good. It was green.

It must have been cucumber.

She took me to a section of the small shop where a lot of soap was on display. I had the opportunity to touch and smell each bar. And when she let me smell cucumber, it was the one!

Then, she begin telling me that all the soap was made with natural and organic ingredients that are grown in farms in New York.  I knew I wanted to buy but after she told me that the soap was organic, eco-friendly, and made in New York, I really wanted to buy; but I had a hard time picking which soap, it was so many kinds! So, I thought, I’ll let my nose make the right choice for me.

However, Kate Marie was not finished with selling the products and asked me if I wanted to try more of their items.

Why not?!

So, she took me to the end of the store where there is a huge tub and begin to give me a sample of their liquid soaps, body scrubs, and lotion. Well, I had to first pick a flavor, I picked Waterlily Jasmine for everything. I think I was most excited about the scrub. It was very smooth yet grainy. And Kate Marie told me that for the scrub, you only have to use it once every other day or so because you have to give it time to sink into your pores.

Since I have a budget, I treated myself to two soap bars: Cucumber and Honeysuckle olive oil soap which came up to 14.63.

Notice the phrase treated myself; however, every time I use it, I am glad I brought it and hope I can treat myself more often!

Before I left, Kate Marie gave me three more samples. All of them are different types but now that I have been to the store I can guess which one is which. I think she gave me apple and …well, I am not sure!

However, next time you are in the city, make sure you stop by Soapology on 67th Street and 8th Avenue between 13th and 14th St. Even if you just want a sample. And you will be glad you did!

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