Kate Spade

The use of colors is blunt, magical and loud. Everything is upbeat and bold.

That’s Kate Spade.

Not embarrassed about anything, the more color the more charisma.

It’s so Kate Spade.

Every color in the right spot. Nothing tacky or out-of-order.

I walked into Kate Spade at 135 5th avenue and my day was better. The color lifted my spirits. Nothing was down about this shop. Everything was up and popping out to you. Reaching out to you.

My smile really came when I walked towards the back of the store and saw Fred Astaire, Audrey Hepburn and Kay Thompson on the screen. Yep, clips of Funny Face was playing. I looked around a little longer and saw interesting photography books and one book on Fred Astaire.

Kate Spade became my highlight of the day. I was glad that Michael George of Michael George New York, a highly sought after retail designer based in New York,  advised me to visit Kate Spade.

If you need to cheer up in this snowy weather, pay Kate Spade a visit!

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