I Wish you were Here, My Love

I wish you were here my love, close by.

It is now February  and soon it will be Valentine.

oh, how I wish you were here my love, so we could walk hand in hand.

I’ve never been so lonely, some days I can not even stand

to cook or clean the house alone.

For my mind just wander away from me and next thing I know,

the food is burning or the house work never gets done.

But, since you’re not here my love, look in the mail for this gift from Gustiamo to surely come.

Pictured here is the following:

Gianduja – Chocolate and Hazelnut Spread by La Molina in Tuscany, nutella for grown-ups, made with top-notch cocoa and prized Tonda Gentile hazelnuts from Piemonte, a rich velvety cream, addictive, it won’t last long…

Sant’Eustachio Coffee roasted on wood logs in the legendary Roman Caffe’ near the Pantheon, where Romans in the know go for a smooth and round coffee cup, the best in town.

Wholesomely delicious “Coralli di Kamut” Cookies are peerlessly home-baked by Di Ciaccio Pasticcieri Artigiani in Gaeta, wonderful dipped in your coffee or with a smidge of Gianduja cream.

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