Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Gustiamo

What do you want for Valentine’s Day? John asked his girlfriend.

Don’t get me “Hershey’s Candy”, it’s common.

Well, what do you want?

Something different. I don’t want the chocolate candy that comes in the heart shape box and a teddy bear. Neither do I want fake flowers or balloons that will inflate. That’s typical.

Well, baby what do you want? Never mind, you don’t know what you want. I know what to get you.

On February 14, John plans to treat his love a little differently. He will surprise her with a beautifully crated rustic wood crate filled with Gustiamo’s products that will contain:

Gianduja – Chocolate and Hazelnut Spread by La Molina

Sant’Eustachio Coffee

“Coralli di Kamut” Cookies

But to show his love that he is really thinking, he will purchase some rich Italian chocolate by La Molina.  For no chocolate is like La Moina’s chocolate. Many of La Molina’s products use unusual flavor combinations inspired by the Tuscan food tradition: blended dark chocolate with peanuts, mint or orange and nougat with hazelnut. LA MOLINA ‘s chocolates are of exceptional quality… pure chocolate aroma, smooth round taste, simply guilty pleasure. And each box of Chocolate only 12.25 or less at Gustiamo.com

Be different this Valentine’s Day. Shop Gustiamo.com.

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