The Zoo and its Animals

Yesterday, the Bronx Zoo put it out that a snake was missing (

First let me just say how crazy it is that a little over 400 people liked it on facebook. That’s nothing to like. Especially if you live in New York.

Anyway, I am beginning to feel a certain way about the zoo. Firstly, I am not an animal person meaning, I rather take care of a child than a dog.  I see some animals as a threat. Even dogs that live in my neighborhood. They don’t look tame to me.

If snakes are going to be escaping from the zoo. I rather they put those animals right back where they came from. The last thing I want is an animal coming to visit me and not vice versa.

I know that sometimes  birds (harmless birds) or chipmunks escape from the zoo.

I was on my way to the library one time and bumped into two young men. They were holding a stick with a tropical parrot on it. One man kept saying that it was his but I noticed that around his foot was a ring. So, I asked him about it and he said that he actually found it by the zoo. And didn’t plan on returning it to the zoo.

The parrot was tame and let me pet it. It didn’t even fly away from the guys.

Now, if a parrot that escaped from the zoo is captured by bronxnites who don’t plan on returning it to the zoo, do you think the Egyptian Cobra -if found or caught by an outsider’s- is going to be returned to the zoo?

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  1. lol. only in the Bronx. I wonder what they are going to feed the parrot. Good thing that snake never left the Bronx Zoo premises.

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