Walter Dean Myers

At the African-American book fair I had the great opportunity to meet  Walter Dean Myers.

The fact that Walter Dean Myers was on the list to be present at the book fair, is what really gave me extra zeal to go. I woke up on Saturday morning and did not really want to travel to Philly but every time I thought about Walter Dean Myers being there, I felt I needed to go.

When I was younger, I used to read Walter Dean Myers books…I tried to read all of them. In the eight grade my teacher assigned the class to read Fast Sam, Cool Clyde and Stuff. The class I was in, the students were very hard to reach. Somehow through that book and the teaching style of my teacher we begin to look forward to English. I remember that book giving me goosebumps. My teacher did not hold back on educating us. We spoke about each chapter and even figured out why Myers would name the characters the way he did.

I don’t know what I expected Myers to say to me when I met him. I really didn’t have much to say myself. He simply said, keep reading and writing. Just for keeps, I got a book signed. Nevertheless, I am glad I met Walter Dean Myers.

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