Bartolina Sisa

Bartolina Sisa


One thing I noticed while in South America is there is a huge emphasis on women. Women are celebrated and visible in their history. Despite the fact that Argentina currently has a female president, during my studies about the county, I notice that women are the ones who did a lot of political and activist work throughout history and even today.

During our short tour of the Casa Rosada, I came across this photo of Bartolina Sisa, an Indigenous female. I was moved by this photo and ask a young lady standing next to me about Sisa’s importance.

She is the wife of Tupaj Katar. They were both Bolivian revolutionaries who wanted the Indigenous people to be treated fairly and recognized as what they were and not what others were trying to make them become.  Sophia, the name of the young lady who told me this, said Sisa and her husband, Katari were brutally killed by colonial troops.

Sophia, who told me she was a student from Chile, not only told me about Bartolina Sisa but also filled me in about Don Evo Morales Ayma, the first Indian president of Boliva and she told me about President Christina Fernandez De Kirchner, the current president of Argentina.

I will share a picture of Sofia in the next blog post.

Oh, one last thing, the flag painted behind Bartolina Sisa is the flag of the Indigenous nation.


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