SAUD- High End Fashion from Argentina



While I was in Argentina, I had the opportunity to visit SAUD, a very high end store located in the Recoleta Mall.   I did not have time to explore the entire mall but I knew I wanted to blog about  at least one store. I was drawn to SAUD because it reminded me of the stores on 14th and 34th Streets in New York City.

I walked into SAUD on an early Sunday morning. I was the only customer there and I was glad because I was able to talk with the sales associate, Juan, (who, thank God, spoke very good English) about SAUD and it’s designer.

Juan told me that the designer of SAUD is a 32 year old Argentine native name Marian Saud. She comes from a wealthy family of lawyers and other high professions.  She is a very well known designer throughout Argentina who dresses  a lot of famous people in Argentina like models and actresses.

He included that her inspiration comes from designers like DIOR and Michael Kors and her constant desire is to give SAUD an international image. Her dream, like all designers, is to have a store in New York and Europe.

He shared with me how hard it is to sell materials in the Rocoleta mall because SAUD is a very high end store and is the only one that offers that type of couture.

I tried to compare the store to Zara but Juan informed me that Zara in Argentina is very different from the Zara in New York. I then compared it to BCBG MaxAzia but he had never heard of BCBG. Now I am thinking that maybe SAUD can be like a Kate Spade? Not the style but maybe the price range?

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