Street Magic on Calle Florida (Florida St.)

Street Magic

Calle Florida is a famous tourist shopping drag. This is where I brought sweaters for my best friends and chic clothing for myself. This is also where I ate the best pizza I ever had!

Every time we went, there was a lot going on. This photo was taken on a Sunday. This magician carried all of his supplies, set up ambiance really quickly and tricked all who wanted to be tricked!

I also saw tango dancers, marionettist, and singers. Calle Florida was constantly alive with a spirit of hustling…. if that can be a spirit.

The greatest hustlers were  the people who weaved in and out of the crowd saying ‘cambio?, cambio?’. I learned what cambio meant just from walking down Calle Flordia. Dr. Anderson had warned us not to give any of them our money to change.

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