Ms. Nancy’s last Day


Ms. Nancy, the chef from Cornell University ran an eight week program at the center, teaching the children how to eat and cook healthy. I enjoyed working with her because she never allowed me to apologize for the children and their sinful ways!

Don’t worry, Miss Lilly, she would say when I wanted to apologized for the children making a huge mess or talking while she was trying to teach, I know they are children and they just want play at this point.

At the end of every day, she would have a short debrief with me and assure me that my children were good.  Which always made me feel great. She never showed any signs of being stressed out.

She also congratulated my staff. They are very helpful, Ms. Lilly, especially that tall one, Ms. Murray.

The children are still cooking every Tuesday and better yet, cooking her recipes, with Ms. Murray.

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