Quincy Jones & Those in the Music Room

IMG_1115The younger children did not go everywhere on Campus but one place I let them explore was the Music Room. With names like Quincy Jones, Melody, and Dominic, I had to bring them around the piano and drums.

When we got there, they fell right into their zone. While Quincy Jones was playing the drums the rest of them were banging keys on the  baby grand.

Then they switched.

When I told them it was time to go, they all placed fingers over their mouths, and creeped out of the music room in one straight line.

Then, Dominic stopped and said,  wait, where are the teachers?

Shhh! We can’t disturb the students, another one whispered back!!

Meanwhile, they all looked at me with curious eyes, beginning to wonder about the same thing. I kept my eyes straight and crept them back outside. To which they forgot to ask for the the teachers again.

Lilly, Michael, Angel, Sylvester, Murray


The amazing crew at The Mary Mitchell Center

My staff who supports me in so many ways and help me run the After School Program

Randhes & The Cop


In February when the kids took a trip to Philly, we ran into a lot of police which got the children super excited!! (We visited the city during the time Vice President Pence was there which meant a lot of marches and rallies…crazy traffic and high security.

In this photo Randhes is trying to remember how to take a picture with his tablet…while the SWAT cop is smiling for the real deal! A canon camera!