Mother and Children


My long day was finally coming to an end, when a parent walked in with her children. They all ran to give me a hug. Even the little boy who never was student of mine, just the baby who tagged along.

We are coming back for the summer!! They exclaimed.

Are we going to go to the garden with you? I remember when we cooked together in the kitchen!

I missed you so much. I wanted to come back before but I couldn’t. I can’t wait for the summer!! (Another hug).

I remember when you gave me the big book! The little boy said, smiling at me.

I faintly remember him insisting on taking a book from the library home.

They showed me their mini toys while I made sure I remembered their names.

I was silent and took it all in. I never did tell them that my summer would be spent else where. Why mess it up for them?

My philosophy is kids will find a way to have a great time regardless.

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