Lift Every Voice and Sing- A Virtual Assembly



As tradition has it, every first Monday of each month, my school would gather for assembly. We will lift our voices and sing the anthem.

This Monday we were muted. We listed to a muffled Dr. Roland Carter version.

We listened to our Principal tell us the virtue of the month, Resilience. Resilience.

And, just like that, Assembly was over.

When the question was asked, anyone have anything to say, the students unmuted their microphones and said hi. Cries of children saying hi as if they wouldn’t have an opportunity to be heard. Calling teacher names and saying they missed them.

This was the first assembly I cried. The first assembly I didn’t have to speak to any children nor lead them in a rendition of the Black National Anthem.

Another voice came. Assembly is over, please hang up.

No one moved. Everyone stayed. No one spoke. just stayed in the call. Until the call was dropped.


Melody Loves to Explore



This is Melody.

She is six years old.

She loves to make friends. Maybe she will be your friend one day.

She loves to have fun. Maybe she will have fun with you one day.

But most of all, she loves to explore. Do you like to explore?

One day, she went to the garden with her class. They planted tomatoes and radishes. While they planted, Meldoy went to explore.

She explored the bugs.

She explored the sunflowers.

Finally, she came across a dirt mound. She ran to the top and ran to the bottom. She ran to the top and ran to the bottom. She ran to the top and ran to the bottom.

She rolled around in it. She picked it up and examined it.

Finally, the teacher said it was time to go home.

Now, this is Melody. IMG-20160808-00053

Why do you think she looks worried?