Frindle by Andrew Clements

This year my third graders read Frindle by Andrew Clements.

Below is the ‘book report letter’ which holds the details of the assignment and at the end are photos of their projects.

(there is one pen that is missing it’s head…it was sitting on the table outside my table and I believe a kid walked pass and popped it’s head off! Other than that, the pens they created are awesome!!)

Dear Radiant Third Graders,

We have finished reading Frindle by Andrew Clements!! Therefore…it’s time for a book report!! This book report has two parts.

Part I:

Attached you will find a picture sample for the book report. You will submit a lapbook. Color, glue, paste and write neatly. Your lapbook will be graded on presentation.

Be sure to include the following:

  1. Story Elements: Conflict, solution, main idea, author’s purpose, and story structure
  2. Writing Response: Opinion Writing
    1. Describe your favorite part of Frindle
    2. Do you think the use of the word ‘frindle’ deserved punishment? Support your opinion from examples from Frindle
  3. Vocabulary: Choose 5 Vocabulary words from Frindle and define them
  4. Characters:
    1. list 5 characters and their character traits
    2. Describe Nick at the beginning of Frindle and at the end of Frindle

Your responses should be written in your best hand writing with a topic sentence, three details and a closing sentence.

            Part II:

Along with your lapbook you are to submit a Frindle (Pen) that you have created yourself.  Think: How would you want your Frindle to look if you were Tom Allen? Your Frindle should be between 5- 12 inches long. Think about all the Frindles we looked at in class and create your own. Hint: You can use cupcake toppers to glue to the pen or decorate your pen with a fake flower.

Anticipating Greatness,   

 Ms. Hurley

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