Mother Darain Brown


While in Jacksonville, Florida, I met Mother Darain Brown. She was in Publix Supermarket, a shop the Floridians compare to New York’s Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.

She was standing behind me and when I backed up, I bumped into her.

Oh, sorry! I mumbled my apology.

I could not stop looking at this stunning lady.

She smiled and turned down the aisle.

When Mother Burks finished looking for her items, I told her I wanted to find the pretty lady we had ran into a few minutes earlier. Mother Burks knew just who I was talking about.


When I approached her, I asked her if I could photograph her and she automatically stroke a pose.

I’m 96 years old and my name is Mother Darain Brown. I am a mother at church.

Wow! 96?!


You look so beautiful!

And guess what? I still wear stilettos!

No! Really?


Mother Burks and I  were astonished…and I think I’m still astonished.


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