Now introducing the Freemans

After the wedding, I met the Freemans. A couple native to South Carolina.

What a conversation!

(Sometimes in my head, I have thoughts of the American south and even if they are stereotypes or images of the past, they just don’t go away. It’s thoughts like that that leads to romanticizing the south. Meeting the Freemans did my imagination justice.)

I stood outside talking to family members, when I was approached by Mother Freedman who introduced not herself but both of them.

“Praise the Lord, We are the Freeman’s. And you are?”

I gathered from our conversation that even though it looked like they were married for a while, they were newly weds and very much in love.

“How did you meet? If he is from the North and you from the South?”

“We knew each other and would talk over the phone.”

“Then you just decided to meet and marry?”

“Yes. I told Brother Freeman if he wanted to marry, he would have to move to the south!”

“And he did, so he must really….. love you! Congratulations!”

I, of course, was interested in her dress! I thought it was an amazing outfit!

She also found me interesting and had a lot of questions to ask me about the “Big City”!

The next day, I was happy to see the Freemans again. Once again as a couple.

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