Cat-Head, Literally

So, New York is made up of two types of people. People who look for a show and people who love to put on a show.

I found the person who likes to put on shows…

This man was walking down the street with a cat on his head. At first I thought, what a show-off. Then, I asked him if I could photograph him and he then I found out the real reason for the cat.

Do you have a spare dollar?


Do you have a spare dollar or two?

No…but I can give you some spare change.

So, I took the picture. All the while thinking this dude is something else.

Oh, and while I was taking the picture, another photographer came. Only, she didn’t ask to take the picture. She just took it and when he asked for money…in a rude way….she just walked away.

Then, he got mad and started to rant to me:

You see? Well, at least you asked! Some people take your picture and don’t even ask! They just ignore me….

It was kind of funny to watch, because how mad can you get with a cat sitting on your head. He couldn’t run after her for his stolen image!

Maybe I should have gotten a dog and sat it on top of my head just to walk pass him…