My trip to Salvador, Bahia

During the summer of 2019 I visited the country of Brazil. I stayed in Salvador, Bahia at a small hotel across from the fisherman’s beach.  Every night the sounds of the water rocked me to sleep and in the morning was there to greet me.

It’s A beach town someone told me.

Oh, that’s the place in Brazil many Blacks live, another person said.

Descendants of slaves, some like to say.

My first day there Kayanara met me at Guarulhos airport. We took a taxi to Bahia. After I freshened up, Kayanara took me to Teatro Miguel Santana.

She showed me the stone church built in the 17th Century for and by the Blacks. In the same area is where Michael Jackson performed “All  I wanna say is they don’t really care about us” which is now a tourist attraction. That’s where I spent my money on a tee for Daniel and Ashley.





I’ll be there

I went to the library but didn’t stay long. I only read to one little boy and his family. The other children were on the computer and didn’t want to get off. The little girl I normally see did not come. Now, she would actually get off the computer so we both could read. Those children today? They were content on the computer so I left.

I walk around for a while and took some pictures. Can you believe there are still Obama signs up?! I know, we would never get over it. There are also Michael Jackson signs up all over the place. Its only fitting that I would talk of someone who according to the media has lived a sad life before I mention the movie that I just watched.

I just saw the movie Seven Pounds and am feeling a bit mixed up in side. I wanted to cry but didn’t. I couldn’t even feel happy. I just leaves you in the middle of emotions. The director, Gabriele Muccino is amazing. He should write a book.  He summed the movie up when he said “two people with so much death in them.” I like the movie but hate the fact that he committed suicide. I was hoping Ben would end up with Emily. Thank God its not a true story!