May Fair Laundromat

IMG_4882 (2)

This little boy was in his own world. Singing really loud while looking out the window. While I took the picture, he kept singing.

The next morning, around 6, I was rushing to grab a bite and ran into the same kid. This time he was rushing past me. When he noticed me, his face lit up. And just like a gentleman he said, Good Morning!

This time I was surprised. I thought, what is this kid doing up at 6 am? Running the place?!

On Fire


Walking to the train station, I spotted a trash bin on fire. My first response was to call 911.

Calling 911 meant giving a mass of information and while they asked me every question they could think of, some young guys walked into the corner store and demanded some water to put the fire out….why didn’t I just do that?