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I am not the type to pry into people private lives. I sometimes mind my business. Okay, I am nosey but not a busy body. I just like to learn why people would do certain things or act in different ways so I would know. Is that prying? Anyways, I guess I am trying to say I don’t really care that couples today- wait yes I do care cause if I didn’t care I would not be blogging about it.

It just bothers me that so many people get married then divorce and remarry and then it seems like the world is better for them. What are we saying to our youth? That its okay to get married fast? Or that marriage is not a serious thing anymore? And then the same married folks want to say its not right for people of the same-sex… not that I am for same-sex marriages either. I don’t think any of them are being just! How you going to dishonor God and yourself by getting a divorce? And worse- by marrying someone of the same sex. Thats not right.  America is in a bad state. Really is. In terms of marriage.

It’s hard to know who is married to whom in the celebrity world. They are always breaking up. It probably is hard to stay together with the media (not me) all up in their business but they should work something out. It’s really sad.

A lot of the movies that a lot of my friends list as their favorite on their Facebook prove the point that marriage is not as vital to the main steam anymore and its tricking down making it the norm when it is just wrong. I am thinking about movies like Brown Sugar and Why did I get Married?

I just received my Ebony issue in the mail. The February issue with Kimora and Djimon on the cover. As soon as I saw  them on the cover together my heart dropped. I like them as people.  But not their message about marriage.

And Ebony- of all magazines? What are you trying to say to the community about marriages? First you preach that we should stay together then you get celebrities  who are doing  the exact opposite? In the article,  Djimon said that Russell Simmons, Kimora Simmons ex, “came with absolutely open arms to me”.  That seems weird to me. Like if men are no longer jealous of their girl friends or worse- wives- being with other guys. I guess not?

At least in Tyler Perry’s Why did I get Married the Mike character did show a little jealously when his wife came with her new “half”. And I am not saying Shelia should have stayed with Mike but it seems being single is never an option anymore.

But listen to this one- back to Djimon Hounson and Kimora- He’s saying this about Russell: ‘ ” I thought maybe he would get all freaked out, because if I had to put myself in that setting…” the actor’s voice trails off.’ ”  So, I am guessing that if it was the other way around, Djimon would show his envious side.   That is not the only article I read in the Ebony magazine where the men seem to get a long with their wife second husbands. The other one was about…well, I’ll stop here. I’m sure you get the point now. Marriage is holy and that’s the way it should stay. Till death.

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  1. I do think that the consistent breaking up and remarrying of movie stars is sad and unnerving. I also agree that it is beautiful to see a couple remain marry for a long time. I think in Why did I get married? by Tyler Perry´s message was suggesting that people should work out the problems in their marriage.

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