God Put a Rainbow in the Sky

There are times when you can feel good.

You know when good is going to happen or when someone is going to do something good or when someone said something good.

You know when something is going to taste good because God blessed you with a good sense of smell.

You just can feel good.

And on those days- it is usually, well sometimes cloudy outside.

I read before  the sun don’t come out in rainy weather but when you look them up they are still together.   If you look up the definition of the sun and the sky they would be in the same catergory. The sun and the rain both come from the same sky.

Usually, we look for summer days because the weather brings ease and comfort. But is every day in summer really that great? Or every raining day during fall really that gloomy? God can put a rainbow in the sky when you least expect it.

 In addition, it can snow when you are not even looking. It gives me joy to look at the snow falling but lately its been snowing quitely behind my back. I’ll go outside and see snow on the ground. I’ll say to myself- “Hey, I never saw the snow falling!” (Snow falling is so beautiful it makes me feel happy.)

Today was one of those days for me where God put a rainbow in the sky and it was snowing behind my back. It was such a sweet day. Yet, I can’t say what exactly happened.

I went to the library early this morning and met with a few early birds. I actually taught for two hours and had so much fun helping someone out. We had time to swap stories about growing up before his mother came to pick him up.

One story Jesus (my student) told me was about his trip to the bowling alley. He was 7 years old and his mother was telling him how to roll the ball towards the pins. He was goofing around and instead of the ball heading towards the pins it sliped off his fingers at the wrong moment and after hitting him in the head, went flying behind him where a man was standing tying his shoes. It hit the man on the ankle and came back fast hitting Jesus on the ankle.  Jesus’ mother was up set that her son – did not listen to her and now he hit a stranger who was hurt and upset; however, the only thing she could do in her anger was say sorry to the gentleman then take wounded Jesus to the emergency room.  And because there was very few in the library we laughed out loud about this story.

 I helped people and they appreciated it. And that’s my rainbow.

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