My girlfriends are always starting something. That is why I am mad at them now. We are living together in the city and life for us is always busy and really full of life. Something is always happening. Tonight it happened at the supermarket.

It all started when we went to Dagostings two weeks ago.

We were chit-chatting as usual and putting food in the cart. We usually shop together if its heavy shopping and going to Dag is not similar to the Bodega. It’s a trip for us. Full of fun and of course food! (Like the alliteration?!) Anyways, when we got to the counter I notice the cashier. I thought he was handsome. But I kept my thought to myself. My roommates like to blow things out of proportion if you know what I mean. I didn’t tell them what I thought until we got of Dag. They thought he was far from a knock-out.

Lilly, really? He could hardly work the cash register.

Yeah, if he could not work a cash register, what makes you think he could handle you.

Listen y’all, I am not interested in him! I just think he is cute. That’s all I am saying. I don’t wanna marry the guy! Besides he didn’t recognize me!

My girlfriends are always jumping to conclusions, if you know what I mean.

Anyways, to-night we went back to Dag and had fun shopping once again. Singing along to the music, make believing the cart was a car, swinging the cart really fast around corners. Oh, one of my friends almost ran down an old couple driving all crazy. She made a sharp left into the cookie aisle. It was funny. After we passed them of course. They didn’t think so though. We did the walk of shame while passing them,  after that we cracked up.

Moreover, we got to the front of the store to check out and my crazy girlfriend pushed the cart to the check it yourself aisle when there was a free register not to far away. We had to race against a couple with two carts to the register. And we almost won. Would have won if she did not start arguing about something I put in the cart. She acts like she wants to save money then is the first one to eat what I pick out. If she only wants generic brands why she the first to eat non-generic brands?! By the time we finished arguing there was no free register in Dags. We had to wait in line.

But for me it was all good. My other friend (its three of us) realize that we were going to get the cashier we got the last time. You know, the one who I thought and still thinks is handsome. (Yeah, after seeing him a second time I moved him from the cute list to the handsome list).

You know, I think Lilly has somewhat of a good taste. He’s not that bad.

The argument was over and now we were looking at magazines and trying to talk about he cashier without anyone noticing.

Number one, I know I have good taste. Number two, I just think he is handsome. Nothing more. So when we get to the register, I can pack the bags. You girls don’t have to try to match.

Aww, Lilly. Come on. You always backing out.

See why I don’t like telling you girls anything? You take it to the next level. I don’t want anything to do with no cashier! Listen, I’m not even playing. I would walk out of the store. Don’t say anything.

So we got to the register. And you know how your girls can act. You already know. I kept my head in the Ebony Magazine I was reading. Not even interested anymore. They always got jokes. I can’t believe they gave my digits to a man who works at Dags. Not even feeling that.

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