Sunset in the Hood

I just finished reading from The New York Times. I read Bob Herbert’s editorial titled The Source of Obama’s Trouble. I am not that much of a politician. Actually, it really doesn’t interest me at all. But as a citizen and a true American its my duty to be in the know  about what’s going on in the government. (I’ll tell you what provoke me later).

Anyways, after reading the article I think the article speaks volumes to me and my situation. Me not really caring what President Obama has to say about the Health Care system in America. What I need for the most part is a job. Money. Then I can care. But maybe what is going is will help me get a job?

I haven’t really paid attention to the Health Care speeches. I am in good health. It’s my pocket that is failing.

Herbert states that while the nation is desperate for jobs, jobs, jobs the Democrats have spent most of the Obama era chanting health care, health care, health care. He continues to say that ‘people are upset because they are mired in economic distress and are losing faith that their elected representatives are looking out for their best interests.’

I am not a person to put my faith in man in the first place-  which is not a good excuse to explain why I don’t really pay attention to the government –Sun going down in the Hoodbut a steady job would be nice.

However, on the other hand, I am content with life. I like my work that I do now. I am interested to see how the Health Care package turn out and see how well Obama does for those who have serious health problems.

I have a feeling time is running out for us to not really care what those at the ‘top’ are doing. I know it time to care. Whether I want to care or not. It is more a responsiblity.

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