Abandon Shoes in the Library

I walked so much that day. I remember how tired I was. I just got back from an interview and still had heels on. My feet were tired. So, what did I do? I took off my shoes. Not thinking anyone was watching me.

Now, why did I take off my shoes? It just about created a frenzy in the library!

Miss Lilly has her shoes off! Look!

Wow. It’s no shoe day. I’m taking off my shoes.

Me too.

Next thing I knew, just about all the children had no shoes on! What was I suppose to do? Tell them to put their shoes back on? Sneakers , shoes, and boots were all over the library.

Lilly, can I see your socks?

Lilly, you have socks on??

I was not about to show them my feet. I covered up my feet with my skirt.  But one of them ran to me and picked up my skirt off guard:

Miss Lilly doesn’t have any socks on! I knew it!

After she hopped away, I put my shoes back on. After all, I was already getting tired of feet. Yeah, feet. I could smell it strong. And more kids were coming and taking off their shoes.

Sandy, why do you have your shoes off?

Because it’s no shoe day. Wanna smell my feet?

eww, put your feet down.

Wanna smell? smell?

I secretly promised that day that no matter what I do I will be careful around  my students. Things that I don’t even think they are looking at, they are looking at. Really closely.

It’s always that thing I think don’t matterReading with No Shoes that matters the most to them.

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  1. Intelligence is a gift but greater is wisdom . Lilly I like the last statement , it explain a lot. Your enthusiasm make it wonderful, but also asking question in the story ,then your respond make it flow.

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