The Rodent

Rodents are not only in the hood. Why people act like you gotta live in the ‘hood’ to know what a freakin’ rodent is? I have friends who live in high places. Friends who live in suburbs who don’t have any rodents. It’s the way you keep your house.

Yeah, but it is more likely to be in the hood.

No, it doesn’t matter where a house is a rodent can make that its home.

I think it matters what neighborhood a house is in. If the neighborhood is just out right dirty like this one- then you are more likely to have rodents.

Now hold up- I live in this neighborhood and I don’t have any rodents. What are you trying to say anyway? I’ve been listening to everyone talk about how it matters what neighborhood you live in and all that *#%! And you, yeah you, looking at all the black and Latinos in the room saying we must have rodents in our home. Well, guess what, white people are dirty too.

so are blacks and Latinos, look at the white house.

Oh no he did not go there. He’s an ignorant son of a *&%$^. I am not even going to answer. You know what? The biggest rodent just left the white house. Look what he did to America. Made everything rodentia! He left the economy looking like the mouth of a dying mouse- gnawing and snapping and losing its life at the same time. He made the American people live and act like rodents. No one have money to pay for their mortgages being kicked out of their homes. Have to live with folks they are not even comfortable around and don’t tell me like you know because I – I know- everyone is scrambling trying to save and ending up with that one piece of cheese or bread crumb that is just a tease. Now, President Obama come in the White House and  have to be the pesticide anRodents in Classd the exterminator at the same time. Then she got personal, You have no idea what I or anyone else been through. You Roach!

4 thoughts on “The Rodent

  1. I don’t think it was a rodent that we saw at The White House. I’m pretty sure it was a Chicago cock roach. I heard he had a roach problem at his old Chicago home. His former maid told me that his home was infested with roaches so he must have taken them to Washington with him.

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