Kayla, Natasha & Mathias


Natasha told me she got her dress from H&M two years ago. I loved her look, especially her natural hair.

When I told Kayla how beautiful she was, she removed her glasses and exclaimed: this is how I really look! To which I said, Wow, you are still beautiful!

I was proud when Mathias started to smile because right before I took the photo, he started crying. Then, I told him how much I loved his Biblical name and he begin to smile!

Takysha Williams!

Even though I haven’t been bloggin’ religiously, doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about my fellow followers!

I went to my choir directress’ wedding and it was absolutely beautiful…and a lot of fun.

Here is one of the few pictures I took. One of her bridesmaids (I hope I am using the word correctly) was helping her with her wedding dress.

Look at her hat and how vintage and quintessential it is. The embroidery around the hat is in tune with the embellishment in front of her dress.

The next picture is a picture of her wedding party.

Ousmane Foupena

Miss Ousmane Foupena was on a long distance call but nice enough to let me take a photo of her.

I love the African print.


This is Karis.

Of course the color of her sweater popped out to me…it was what encouraged me to take the photo. However, as I am now looking at the photo, the fact that she is boldly wearing tights without anything to cover up- suggests something about my generation.

She is covered- it’s not like she has on sagging pants but- tights…is that enough?

The way my generation dresses suggests a type of boldness. I can’t fully understand it just yet.

Heidi Merrick

I found out about designer Heidi Merrick from Refinery 29.com.

She doesn’t seem to have an outlet in New York so what I learned about her and her clothes is from her website.

The two skirts pictured here are two of my favorite designs I saw on the website.

The denim high-waisted skirt goes for 231.00. It’s very different and original. It looks a little asymmetric. The asymmetric look may be created from the way the model is standing; however, if you look closely at the skirt, the lines are all not the same shape. It’s a great design.

The black lace-layered  skirt is more common.  I’ve seen skirts like it before or at least the idea.  The Heidi Merrick skirt goes for 300.00.

Check her out at her website HeidiMerrick.com