The Zilla Bag

I read an interview in the Dossier Journal post on Sylvia Pichler and I want a Zilla bag!

Sylvia Pichler, an architect turned designer, uses sponge, cork , and other eco-friendly items to make her bags different from other designers. I think the versatility wins the likes of many customers, I know it won mine.

One part of the interview that I enjoyed reading is when Pichler defined the term Zilla and why she chose it as the name of her line:

“Zilla is an old female name that is very common in Alto Adige, she said, the old “zilla” used to knit and sew clothes and bags; I am sort of a contemporary “zilla.” “

And that she is!

I like when designers create a line that is not eponymous; at the same time creating  story to tell as to why their line is called what it’s called.  I think that in itself is creative. ( Even if a designer line is named after someone other than themselves is ingenious).

The term Zilla and the reasoning behind it is artistic as the product.

Pichler also  gave a succinct response when the interviewer asked “What does being in the fashion industry mean for you?” she replied, “for me, it means being ahead of the trends—to perceive the zeitgeist.”.

If Zilla bags are not of the times, I don’t know what is.


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