Rocking the Boat at Riverside Park

So, I am interning with the International Center of Photography at the Point.  Every Thursday so far we went on trips to allow the children to explore the community with their cameras.

This allows me to see more parts of the Bronx I never knew existed like the Rocking the Boat program at Riverside Park. 

When we entered  riverside park, we saw a small universe with big people doing big things!

When we  first entered the park, we saw a boat safe with beautiful graffiti all over the walls. Lined up were small trailers with boats in them. As we ventured further into the park we saw about 16 or more teens working on a boat.

I was a little surprised, to tell you the truth, because I didn’t know the Bronx had boats in her! (Really, it’s hard to find a person in the ‘hood that likes to swim much less paddle a boat). I  felt proud of my Bronx.

While the children were taking pictures, Adam, the director of Rocking the Boat, told us that the teens make the boats themselves then ride in them!! I also learned that this program hire the teens! (How cool is that?)

I aim to visit Riverside park again before the summer ends…I want to get in a boat!

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  1. Hi Lilly,

    Thanks so much for blogging about us! And I’m really glad you were so inspired by your visit last week. It would be great to have you come back down to get on the water with us and even better to do it with a group of kids from Mary Mitchell. Heidi and I are old friends as well. If the group of kids is small (under 10) you would be welcome to come to any of our Saturday Community Rowing days. We offer free rowing to the public from 12-5 every Saturday through Labor Day. If you think the group will be larger, we would be thrilled to schedule an On-Water Group Program. We run two to three hour programs for groups of 10 to 50 that focus on boat handling, Bronx River ecology and history, and anything else your group is interested in paying attention. These are fee-based programs and average about $600 for 25 participants for three hours.

    So, let me know what you’re interested in doing, and certainly feel more than free to come back and visit us again to take pictures anytime!

    Have a great Sunday.


    p.s. did you see the video that just came out in the New York Times along with today’s article on the Bronx River? If not, check it out at:

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