Aysa’s Boutique

Two weekends ago when I went to Harlem, I ran into an old friend actually she was my french tutor in college.

I was taking pictures of Harlem and came across a store on 7th Avenue between 138th and 139th Street. It had beautiful skirts and dresses on display, so I walked in and who do you think is sitting behind the counter? Amy!  We were so surprised to see one another that we kept laughing and hugging! It was a while before I asked about the store’s merchandise! However, I did eventually ask (I know that I have a lot of friends out there who is interested in finding good quality skirts and dresses).

The shop is named Aysa Boutique and sells almost everything! In the picture behind us are baby clothes and on the other side of the store are long dresses and skirts. There are also a lot of African garb since Amy and her family is from Senegal. She told me customer’s can also get their outfits custom made.

It’s a beautiful boutique and I plan making a visit there again. I would encourage you to do the same!

Their contact infomation is:

Aysa Boutique

2363 7th Avenue between 138th and 139th Street



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