Look how far Art and Race Relations Has Come

I took this picture on my flight to Utah.

The back of the card let me know the illustration was done in 2020.

Designed and Printed in 2020

Here you see, on this crucial card at the top, Black people. Everyone who enters the plane has to consider the art.

The underline message says yes, people of this color and complexion are welcome to travel and be safe.

Mother and Son: Carole Boston Weatherford and her son, Jeffery


I was blessed to meet Carole Boston Weatherford and her son, Jeffery Boston Weatherford at the African- American children’s book fair. 

First I met Jeffrey Boston Weatherford and he told me about his debut book ( he is the illustrator and his mother is the author), You can Fly: The Tuskegee Airmen.

Then, I met his mother, Carole Boston Weatherford. I didn’t realize that I met a genius until I sat down and read some of her work. I really appreciate the time and labor she put towards writing children books.

During a meeting with the students at Mary Mitchell, I showed them all the books I bought written by her and they gasped.

oh my gosh! She wrote so many books!!

I was able to talk to my students about my favorite photographer, Gordon Parks, through the use of her book, Gordon Parks: How the Photographer Captured White and Black America. 

Most of the students were familiar with Freedom on the Menu and those who weren’t were more interested in that book than any of the other books I purchased by her.

I am happy I met them and  can’t wait to see what this pair put out next!

Mary Mitchell Family with Farmer David Haughton

Mary Mitchell Family at the Farmers Market

Some of the Mary Mitchell Family smiling with Farmer David Haughton.

Farmer  David Haughton and his family always give the kids love and have extra patience with them. He and his lovely wife makes it their manner to talk to the children everytime they arrive. We took this picture after he cut a big watermelon for them.

MJ’s Smile


Some of the Little Flock stopped by and I changed the button price from 2 dollars to 1 dollar for them. Children of God are the sweestet children in the world.

Look at MJ’s smile.

By the way, shout out to Ms. Kim Goodwin in Texas who made the lovely spoons for us. Look her up on etsy.com.