Hat of the Month

A week ago, my cousin who is a milliner and a seamstress,  Nandi J. Shuler, sent me an email. She was recognized in an UK newspaper for her first felt hat. She attended a two-day hat blocking course in Atlanta, GA in September and learned how to block a straw capeline and a felt hood.

According to the article, Nandi used to think that block hats were made on factory machines but when she found out she could learn the craft by hand, it perked her interest.

Apparently she took the hat blocking course taught by Jan Wutkowski in September and by the first week of October had already made her first felt hat (which is what she is recognized for).

When I saw my cousin in October, I was impressed by the hat she was wearing and asked her where she got it from; nevertheless, I was not really surprised when she replied ‘I made it’.

You can read the full article at www.HATalk.com.


Hat of the Month

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