Iris, the entrepreneur

One of my fifth graders who frequent the Mary Mitchell Center got into the habit of making slime. She got so good at it that her mother told me she was selling it at school.

Iris would be up late into the night making slime. I would have to send her to bed. She made a lot of money selling it at her school. And with that money she would buy more materials.

After finding this out, I asked her what she thought about making it at the center. She smile and said she would. Then, she gave me the list of supplies to buy:

Tide Detergent, Shaving Creme, Eye Contact Solution, Glue, and food coloring.

We placed her on  the schedule and it was a success. Almost everyone went home with a cup load of slime that they made. And almost everyone walked out the front door begging their parents to allow them to make it at home.

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