The Plastic Bag Ban

(taken from a journal entry…idea)

Today was the second day of the ban on plastic bags.

I forgot.

I walked into Cherry Valley for a sandwich and drink but decided a bunch of bananas, some precooked chicken and thought, I’ll try a new drink. I got in line and before I could add anything else I heard the couple in front of me.

Babe, you have a bag?

No. You?

I think. In the car though.

Then I looked ahead of them at the register. Sure enough, No bags. Well, I thought, I can just put back what I can’t carry. At least I had my backpack on.

I ripped one banana from the bunch and left the rest there. And purchased the rest of my food. I ate my sandwich in the store and finished my drink. I placed the rest of my items in my backpack. At least the straws don’t cost anything yet.

I watched the other customers leave with their items in their hands. The line was extremely long. Some people were buying the 10 cent paper bag.


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