Look how far Art and Race Relations Has Come

I took this picture on my flight to Utah.

The back of the card let me know the illustration was done in 2020.

Designed and Printed in 2020

Here you see, on this crucial card at the top, Black people. Everyone who enters the plane has to consider the art.

The underline message says yes, people of this color and complexion are welcome to travel and be safe.




One thing I take for granted in America is the fact that I am noticed. What I mean is, in America I have the privilege of  seeing people who share my skin color and hair texture in the media everyday. I can list a slew of black actors and actresses and radio personal. Heck, the president and I share the same skin tone!

However, in Argentina I felt lost. I looked at ads and passed newspaper stands slowly hoping to see a black face on at least one cover. At least a beautiful Indigenous person, but never was I satisfied.

When I saw the above ad I thought about the many pictures circulating in America that are set up the same way- 5 close up shots- but it is set up to show diversity of some sort. Not just 5 white men.

I didn’t like that there was very little diversity in Argentina. Very Little.